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Moving Forward Initiative

Residents Advisory Council

The Charlotte Housing Authority Residents Advisory Council (RAC) serves as the advisory body for all residents living in assisted (low income) housing and is composed of all presidents from resident organizations in CHA communities. This group encourages residents to participate in all phases of community life and serves in an advisory capacity to CHA staff and Commissioners by keeping them aware of problems, needs and interests of residents. The cooperation between CHA staff and RAC is outlined in a memorandum of understanding.

RAC's goals are:

  • To increase the number of resident organizations in CHA communities
  • To increase resident involvement in community activities
  • To enhance organization's relationship with the CHA staff and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
  • To create a more family-oriented atmosphere in CHA communities
  • To create better relationships among residents
  • To host events and programs that will assist residents in becoming more self-sufficient

The Charlotte Housing Authority's RAC members have been instrumental in the development of special initiatives directed at the needs of youth and community-wide celebrations. Members have also been involved in developing grant proposals. The officers have attended numerous workshops and seminars on leadership and building community based organizations.

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